This page includes a running collection of recorded lectures, syllabi, and other teaching resources about topics and methods in comparative politics, international relations, and political violence. I’m sharing these materials publicly because they may be useful for your own teaching on relevant topics.

If you plan to use these materials in your teaching, I’d appreciate a heads-up—and encourage feedback from you and your students!—at daniel.solomon18@gmail.com. I’m also enthusiastic about new opportunities to guest-lecture for high school and college courses.


Political violence

“The Causes and Consequences of Civil War”

  • Prepared for Prof. Ken Opalo’s Comparative Political Systems course, Georgetown University, February 2021 (re-recorded)


“The Three Faces of Mixed-Methods Research: Reflections on the Kristallnacht Pogrom”

  • Prepared for Prof. Jelena Golubovic’s Introduction to Social Research course, Simon Fraser University, March 2021


Tips for good argumentative writing (last updated 10 June 2021)